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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Checklist and Tips for Using the Realistic Job Preview [2.2.1.g]

The following step-by-step activities can make the RJP an effective tool in the selection process:
  1. Provide a job description (see Write an Accurate Job Description [] resource from the Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan Chapter).
  2. Make it clear to applicants that the RJP is provided to help them decide if the position is the right “fit” for them.
  3. Emphasize the job expectations.
  4. Provide information that is unknown, and hence important to the candidate.
  5. Address job aspects that are of concern to the candidate. Research has shown that there are certain key topics that candidates want information on. These include:
    • Supervision issues (i.e., what is the personality, leadership style, and delegation style of the immediate supervisor);
    • Work climate, the type of coworkers, and how they interact;
    • Promotions, layoff policies, and benefits;
    • Agency culture and office politics; and
    • Specific job duties.
  6. Use credible and multiple sources, such as job incumbents, the immediate supervisor, consumer or service recipients or their representatives, employee manuals, the job description, (see Write an Accurate Job Description [] from the Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan Chapter) and Exit Interviews [2.1.2.c1] for information about the position. Positive and negative aspects of the job should be portrayed in balance.
  7. If there are “negative” job aspects, explain how they are addressed, such as through training, supervision, or feedback sessions.
  8. Have incumbent or former workers and immediate supervisors evaluate the final RJP product.
  9. A person who is knowledgeable about the position should be available as a contact person.
  10. When using RJPs, incorporate feedback from users. Ask questions of those who did not take the position, in addition to the new hire.

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