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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Recruitment Intervention Strategies   Recruitment and Retention of Individuals with Disabilities [2.2.2.I]   Recruitment and Retention of Individuals with Mental or Substance Use Disorders [2.2.2.I.e]

Recruitment and Retention of Individuals with Mental or Substance Use Disorders [2.2.2.I.e]

NOTE: This toolkit includes a chapter on building a recruitment and retention plan to assist behavioral health organizations in developing a strategy that increases successful recruitment, reduces turnover, and improves retention. For more information on recruitment and retention, and for additional chapters relating to recruitment and retention, start at the Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan page to view chapter options.

The Workforce Recruitment and Retention website, hosted by the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS,) includes information on core competencies, sample job descriptions, performance assessments and other topics needed to identify and maintain a “good fit” between an employee and an organization.

The Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities website offers information on helping individuals with mental illness participate fully in community life. The site includes information on issues related to employment, as well as peer support, education, and other topics.

Temple University’s Collaborative hosts webinars on welcoming work environments for mental health agency staff. The site also provides background information and employment models for employment of individuals with mental illness and links to additional resources.

The Collaborative’s publication “Welcoming Work Environments: Recommendations for Supporting Agency Staff with Mental Health Conditions,” includes strategies for creating positive work environments in mental health agencies. It provides those who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, as well as agency CEOs, board members, supervisors, and managers, with a set of strategies to better support agency colleagues.

Topics include:
  • Embracing clinical staff with mental health issues;
  • Building the business case;
  • Strategies to create a welcoming work environment;
  • Developing welcoming management strategies;
  • Evaluating the work environment; and
  • Quick and easy ways to get started.

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