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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Overcoming Barriers to Retention [2.2.2.I.d]

Assistance is available to help individuals with disabilities adapt and feel accepted in the workplace. Accommodations need not include only those required by ADA; additional minor changes can increase employee productivity and job satisfaction. Good interpersonal relationships are key to a thriving workplace, and employers can provide basic information to their staff to help them overcome misperceptions about individuals with disabilities and learn to communicate comfortably and respectfully.

NOTE: This toolkit, The Building Blocks for Behavioral Health Recruitment and Retention Toolkit includes chapters with information to help retain employees, including employee orientationrecognitiontraining, and supervision. Additionally, to help employers retain staff, a support chapter, Dealing with Stress in the Workplace, offers resources on reducing the impact of stress on the behavioral health workforce. It also provides information on self-care and the “frustrated employee.”

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