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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Questions for Recent Hires to Identify Information for an Realistic Job Preview

These following questions can be done in an anonymous job inventory survey to promote confidentiality:
  1. Based on the information you were given during the selection process:
    1. How accurate was the information given to you about the position and its function and requirements? What was missing or inaccurate?
    2. Were you given all the information you would have liked to make your decision about the position? What was missing?
    3. Was there anything about the position that you now know that you would have liked to know before accepting the position?
  2. Prior to accepting the position, what aspects of the job were not clear or did you not understand? These can be individualized to the job requirements, your organization, or client base. Examples could include:
    1. Working conditions
    2. Specific tasks involved
    3. Hours required to perform tasks or for a particular task
    4. Emotions in dealing with your assigned tasks
    5. Study requirements or learning needs
    6. Knowledge base or skill sets required
    7. Early job requirements or orientation
    8. Present attitude, organizational climate, or philosophy of the agency
    9. Administrative information pertaining to payroll, benefits, or health coverage
    10. What the organization does to promote healing or well being of its staff
  3. Was there any aspect of your position that you misunderstood, and if so, how can we make it more clear to a new applicant?
  4. What was the hardest thing for you concerning getting or starting this position.

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