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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Working with Job Coaches [2.2.2.I.d.iv]

Some individuals with intellectual or mental health conditions benefit from additional support in the workplace. A job coach specializes in assisting individuals with disabilities to learn to carry out job duties. Job coaches offer support to the employee and employer, such as disability awareness-building, job adaptations, social support, problem-solving, and development of natural supports. These are carried out with the goal of enabling the job coach to phase out of direct involvement.1 Job coaching is one of the most frequently used accommodations by people with mental health-related disabilities.2 

Most state vocational rehabilitation agencies employ job coaches, have job coaching as part of their vocational rehabilitation counselors' roles, or can refer their clients to non-profit organizations that provide job coaching.

For more on job coaches, see EARNS’s Working with Job Coaches and Employment Support Professionals and JAN’s Accommodation and Compliance Series: Job Coaching in the Workplace.

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